How David chooses to make coffee at home

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April 16, 2016
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August 19, 2016
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How David chooses to make coffee at home

A quick Q&A with our founder David Donde:

Q:As the person who brought the Flat White to South Africa in 2005, how do you make coffee at home?

A: I have several espresso machines at my disposal, but to be honest, I prefer a perfect filter coffee in the morning. Sweet, rich and complex


Q: how do you prepare that first cup of Filter Coffee every day?

A: I use the Clever Coffee Dripper (well, two of them) otherwise known as the ABID As it is so simple to use, makes perfect filter, and lastly takes a nano second to clean!


Q: do you have a special method?

A: Err yes, I have of course geeked out on the ABID. I grind 18g of coffee at about a filter grind. Over this, I pour just enough tepid water to make a mud of the coffee. I then put the kettle to boil. (yes to 100c) I then pour the boiling water over the coffee emulsion that has now cold brewed about 3 minutes and set a 4 minute timer. The “blend” of boiling water with the mud averages about 80c.  I then pop the ABID over a pre-heated mug and coffee time!


Q: What filters do you use:

A: The Abid hardly cares which filter paper you use, any size fits. When Travelling I buy whatever. At home, to be environmentally conscious, I use the Touchee-Feelee re-useable filters, which I simply rinse and hang to dry.

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  1. Just reading that made me feel like coffee….and I’m definitely getting one of these drippers.

  2. Tish Kondylis says:

    Hi there – all this talk of Abid, aroma and the coffee experience. Sounds wonderful, pity I missed visiting your establishment I’ve read and heard so much about. Myself and a friend have found the perfect spot for a mini “Truth” Cafe in … Would you consider a shop in another outpost?? My mail follows below

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