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May 19, 2010

Scoring and saving and we ain’t talking soccer, Flat White @R5,50

So Zane the impetuous asks “What if they combine the early bird special with the Eco R2 off per coffee if you bring your own cup […]
April 30, 2010

more on how much a cup of coffee is worth…

pt 2  @ follows from here If a cheap cup of coffee is appropriately priced @ R12, my starting assumption and we are charging R18 per […]
April 29, 2010

how much is a cup worth?

An Irate client. How dare we and some other coffee shops charge R18 for a double flat white. An old saw, this is. “what price should […]
January 16, 2010

coffee vows 2010?

Top 10 Ways to Drink Better Coffee in 2010 January 11, 2010 by muddydogcoffee #10.  Stop Drinking Coffee as a Water Substitute. Much as we want to sell […]
January 4, 2010

And it starts…in a good way

So here I am, sitting down at TRUTH, sorting out my e-mail and Internet setups etc, sipping on an awesome flat white (a given)…and it starts. […]