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August 19, 2016
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September 5, 2016
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Win A Home Barista course

Congratulations to Hazel Dickens (@hazeldickens), the winner of our barista course giveaway! Thanks to everyone for participating! New giveaway going live today, win a kilo of our Resurrection blend.

Always wanted to let out your inner barista superhero? Win a course for you and 3 friends in our celebrated Barista School 

A bag of coffee and 4 Barista Manuals

R2300 Value, and of course, loads of coffee!

learn how to pour latte art, set your grinder and tamp and pour espresso like a pro

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It is fun and exciting. Comments below will seriously help your chances!

The fine print: Cape Town based or be prepared to travel to Cape Town at your own expense. Arrangements for dates  and times TBD


  1. Tania says:

    Not only am I a big coffee lover and drinker but I always wanted to learn about the art of coffee making. This will be the absolute most amazing experience. Even my 14 yr son is interested in doing barista training. Would be a wonderful family experience!

  2. Heidi says:

    Ooh asb I want it!!

  3. Oh my word! After attending David’s talk about the Clever Dripper… I want to learn so much more about coffee and how to make it and the things that affect its flavor etc. this would be a dream prize.

  4. Clinton says:

    I love a good cup of coffee and I’ve come to realize that making the perfect cup of coffee is no fluke! It’s an art!
    I’m of the belief that it’s also a lot to do with the mood the person is in when they make your coffee. Then there’s the science behind making coffee… the temperature of the milk, the texture of the coffee and the milk, etc. Its all very interesting and exciting, definitely something I want to learn to do! I hope I get the opportunity.

  5. Leonard Kriel de Andrade says:

    I Have been to truth numerous times, my favourite dish is their omelettes and obviously the coffee. Service is great and venue is something ti be seen

  6. Natalie says:

    It’s been my dream since I was 12 to own my own coffee shop. Now based in natal, my husband and I are in the beginning stages of living out a mutual dream on our farm / guest house. We have such a passion for coffee and how it brings people together and we have been looking for a place that offers a barrister course and I am blown away by the opportunity to learn from one of the best coffee shops in the world! How happy and blessed we would be to win such an amazing opportunity!!

  7. Jakes Bongers says:

    This would be such a priveledge to learn Barista tecniques from you guys at Truth Roasting Co. !!!

  8. Kahley Stohen says:

    I have actually been talking about doing a barista course. I’ve done bartending and cocktails so may as well get my coffee art on too. I plan on opening some sort of food/books/coffee place in the future so knowing my way around coffee will be greatly beneficial! 🙂

  9. Sanette Botha says:

    Coffee was my livelyhood for 6 years, due to circumstances I had to move and set up new roots. I never had the privelege to become trained, this would be the opportunity to become better at what I love and truth be told… Happy again.

  10. Dorianne Rudolph says:

    I would love to win …. have not had coffee for the pass 9 month (pregnancy?) and my first cup should be the best!!

  11. Nina du Plessis says:

    I have 3 friends who are just as bonkers about good coffee as I am !! This would be such an awesome experience to share with them at the coolest coffee spot in town !! Wow, just imagine what we could walk away with……the knowledge of how to brew the perfect cuppa !! Definitely one for the bucket list xxx

  12. Sharon Joubert says:

    🙂 only THREE friends……hmmmmmm that ALONE is a brain stretch which will require MUCH more coffee to solve 🙂

  13. i am so crazy about Truth Coffee and will be opening a coffee shop in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town very soon….POWERED BY TRUTH!

  14. Megan Zeelie says:

    Win or no win, I will be doing a course when I am back in the beautiful Cape Town. First step in my dream of opening up my own coffee shop.

  15. Tasneem says:

    Coffee is a language in itself, it’s the foundation of my food pyramid. They say that the type of coffee you drink says alot about your personality. I’m an Americano kinda woman – calm and conscientious and enjoy the simple things in life. Which is also why I adore my siphon – it’s clean and simple. I also have a coffee blog because for me,coffee takes you places (www.coaster2coastercoffee.com). One day I’ll have my own coffee hub. But for now, I created a coffee corner in my baby’s room for those sleepless nights. Did you ever stop to think that coffee is addicted to me? Hope to hear from you soon xxx

  16. Good coffee makes the world a better place and I’m always trying to help with that!

  17. Richard says:

    Would love to win the Home Barista course as I am a big coffee fan and love Truth coffee. Always stop @ your store on the way back from a hard swim training session @ Sea Point Pavillion in Summer to pick up a reviving cup of coffee.

  18. Would love to win this for myself and my family. We are passionate about coffee and constantly trying out different coffee places for the different experiences. Truth be told though, Truth is definitely one of our favourites.

  19. I spend most of my spare time endeavouring to try out every coffee shop I can find and always end up comparing them all to Truth Coffee. Needless to say the real truth is that they can never compare to Truth Coffee. I was enjoying your coffee long before you became the BEST coffee shop in the world and it doesn’t matter where all I travel I am happy to say I can proudly say that THE NO 1 COFFEE SHOP in the world is situated right in my NO 1 CITY Cape Town! So when celebrating LIFE LOVE & COFFEE it will always be extra special with friends @TruthCoffee. Winning this would mean I can convert more people to the TRUTH 🙂

  20. Jamie-Lee Moodley says:

    I deserve to win because my boyfriend and I, and 2 other friends know how to barista (properly) and we LOOOOOOOOOOVE coffee!!! 😀

  21. Armandt Horton says:

    Me and my girlfriend, and 2 other friends know how to barista!! 😀 😀 😀 And we LOOOOOOVE coffee, so we deserve to win B)

  22. Karen M says:

    Coffee made well, at the right temperature and strength, with good proportion of milk, steam and coffee, is my life’s joy, I would love to learn how to make it better

  23. Simone says:

    My blood type is coffee. In fact, my family’s blood type is cofffee. My Dad’s starting his own guest house and conference venue here behind the boeregordyn. Would be lekker to show these ooms and tannies how real coffee is made.

  24. Jenni says:

    My other half is a coffee lover of note. And can’t stop telling everybody about truth coffee and the best coffee he had there. if i win. I can.learn to make top notch coffee for hom. Cos right now i dont have that privilege . Of course he will be joining me

  25. Hey guys! It is a dream of mine to own a cafe one day, I have a little Rancilio Silvia at home and would love to learn more about it all. Sounds like a winning night!

  26. Ereen Storm says:

    I need this! I live by the saying, life is too short for shitty coffee. I took it upon myself to convince people around me that they are better than instant coffee, they deserve good coffee! So far I’ve been very successful in my mission and I will continue to give people the stare of death when they try and bring a cup of *insert instant coffee brand here* near me ! This will be a great way to celebrate with my converted friends and just once again remind them that good coffee is LIFE and then continue making good coffee at home ♥

  27. Mrs Wendy Mills says:

    Coffee truck, camper Van, food and music festivals ❤

  28. Lisa-Maree Buttner says:

    Would love to win this amazing prize.

  29. Ryan Kynaston says:

    This just makes sense for me to do.

  30. Jaco Loots says:

    Great Prize that I deserve….nothing better than good old coffee to keep this accountant going…Whether it is getting the deal done OR completing the boring tax returns coffee are always at hand to oil the mental gears! Having coffee at the world’s best coffee shop – extra special…. Now if only I can start getting my regular supply of caffeine at home too…

    Maybe this course is just the thing the doctor ordered (for more than one reason :D) – for blood pressure what were you thinking ?

  31. Che says:

    Please choose me to with the barista competition. It would make a memorable bday experience for me.

  32. Tash says:

    I would love to win……’cause I’m an addict!!

  33. EDwArD McGiltOn says:

    Absolute CoFFee addiction going on here!! Therefore I MUST win this!! Every waking moment I have CoFFee in hand!! IMAgiNe I can make it like a PRo! Ooooooh !! THe PlaceS I wiLL go and CoFFees I will MakE!! #PiCKMe #PiCKMe

  34. Riaan says:

    I need to up my game – my friends are surpassing me in their coffee making abilities. It’s embarrassing!

  35. Jenni says:

    I would love to win the home barista course; it would give me a reason to go to Cape Town!
    Oh and jumpstart my coffeeshop…

  36. Melany says:

    I have loved coffee since I began appreciating the taste, which happened, by the way, when I stopped taking sugar in my coffee, now this goes back to 1972! Yes, I am nearly old actually 60! I heard about TRUTH coffee on 567 Cape Talk My first taste of TRUTH coffee was on 6th August, at a breakfast my husband took me to as another 60 Birthday treat (4th Aug was my birthday). The little venue stocks TRUTH coffee and unbeknown to me, the taste of which I was about to experience, and with every sip I looked into the silky, milky, golden, hot contents of the cup and I held it as if I would never ever be able to taste anything so incredibly “orgasmic” and rare and had to call the waiter over to ask about the blend!!! You see I have a reputation for making great coffee (well so my guests say) from instant coffee!! Ha ha, now I realised that my coffee making for me well, will never ever be the same without the blends from TRUTH. I hurried to purchase 3 x 225grams of different coffees, Resurrection, Origin and De-caf-Antethesis and have been totally selfish with my coffee making my husband two cups only from my stash!! Wining the home barista course is a dream which I would absolutely appreciate with sincere longings to learn how to make the TRUTH taste better in my home, for ME and sometimes for my husband LOL!!!! My guests will never leave!

  37. Craig says:

    Hey brew – Always wanted to have Coffee with a view.

  38. Tammy says:

    Oh my gosh! Coffee! My favourite thing in the world! We are a family of coffee snobs & we’re four, so this would be the ultimate for us! We love good coffee, especially local! Truth you’re my fav by far, my coffee choice of the year! This would be the perfect bonding session for the family!

  39. Neal says:

    my coffee tastes like ashtray…. I need help PLEASE…..

  40. sue says:

    Yup, that’d be a dream come true. And I’m not grabby. YOU can choose the other three lucky winners! 😉

  41. Allegra Whitehouse says:

    This would be ridiculously awesome! As an avid coffee drinker and semi-skilled home brewer, this is exactly what I need to up my coffee game! I also have a few extremely enthusiastic coffee drinkers that would love to spend some time learning about the sacred elixir!

  42. Lara Bartlett says:

    This will be a super cool course for us as homeschoolers. My daughters just asked me the other day where they can go for a Batista course! They are true coffee snobs!

  43. Kevin says:

    Coffee runs through my veins….
    ….so, I’d say I’m immune to any “side-effects”….a double espresso just before bed…the best wind-down to a busy day.
    I add coffee to numerous recipes including homemade jam, ice-cream, muffins and more. And then the coffee grinds go into the garden….keeps the ants and aphids away.
    But I digress…. It is indeed an art to getting the right balance… Sometimes it works wonderfully, other times not so good. It would be great to be able to guarantee the perfect cup every time…. and as they say, “life is too short for bad coffee”, so I need is to formalise all self taught ‘tricks’ and up my abilities (& that of 3 friends) to ensure our coffee skills make us proud.

    Come to the Dark Side…we’ll do coffee… &…… may the froth be with you.

  44. George Dell says:

    Oh for the total love of coffee….

  45. Graham Goble says:

    Grew it as a child in Tongaat, (then) Natal … Brewed it a boarding school with Klim or Nespray powered milk 🙁 …. endured it as comfort food in the army …. ‘greaduated’ Nescafe at ‘varsity …. tasted it for the first time in my late 20’s .. and now 30 years on crave, desire and can’t last a day with out it …. Now I would love to roast it myself!!

  46. Pick me pick me….. Hahaha… Love coffee and TRUTH is the best I’ve had anywhere.

  47. Richard says:

    Winning this would be amazing, But mainly because it would be located at the best Coffee place in South Africa.

  48. Ridhwaan Harnaker says:

    I always send our local grinds to friends overseas as gifts. Regularly entertaining family and friends and would love to treat them to amazing coffee at home as well.

  49. Leeanne says:

    OH yes please !

  50. Samantha says:

    Food is accepted currency. So therefore coffee is currency. I could learn to make the perfect cup of liquid gold and make headway in negotiations with this specialised skillset of currency production.

  51. Jacques says:

    Its no question that Truth coffee is the best out there. And Im passionate about my morning cuppa. From grinding my own beans and that excited waiting for the bialleti to boil I am so keen to learn, from the best of the best no doubt, other ways of perfecting a great cup of coffee.

  52. Willem says:

    Would love to win the course for my wife. She loves coffee and volunteers as a barista at our church. She would be over the moon to do this.

  53. Caitlin Smith says:

    My mother is coffee obsessed. This would be such an awesome birthday surprise for her 🙂

  54. Shaun Keyser says:

    Being able to create like a real barista would be a great way to celebrate my 50th birthday. Something for myself!!!

  55. Tommy says:

    Student life has made me a coffee addict. Love a fresh, strong brew. Would love to be able to make the perfect cup myself.

  56. Reinier Engelbrecht says:

    We love coffee so much, but we are crap at making it as good as you guys. Would be great if we can learn to make it better.

  57. Ian says:

    Coffee is an art! I’m a massive fan of trying different coffees and would love to learn more about the process to making that perfect cup!

  58. Jessica says:

    We need to learn to make coffee as good as Truth’s at home!

  59. Retief de Villiers says:

    Since Truth Coffee Roasting had been named as the best code shop in the world I cannot imagine a greater privilege as winning a Barista course at this extended institution!

  60. Retief de Villiers says:

    Since Truth Coffee Roasting had been named as the best code shop in the world I cannot imagine a greater privilege as winning a Barista course at this esteemed institution!

  61. Jeanine Botha says:

    The perfect gift for a bunch of coffee addicts! Please pick me 😉

  62. Duncan Wynne says:

    I would really this. My friends and I continually try and up our coffee game by trying new brewing methods and beans. This would be the best experience. PLease!

  63. Caroline Gill says:

    This would be an awesome bonding experience for myself & hubby with some of our good friends who share the love of the bean!

  64. Michelle October says:

    I mostly want to learn how to make really good coffee so that I can make a cup for any guy and he’d fall in love with me immediately. Also, the Elixir of Life is coffee. And I want to live forever.

  65. Hitesh says:

    Coffee is not a just a drink to enjoy with friends…Its a life style….That very first cup of steaming espresso or Cortado…watching the Cape Sunrise!!…when everything seems to be in complete harmony! That is coffee…… Now its time for me to bring harmony to all in my life……..Let the inner barista in me come out!!!

  66. Madeleine says:

    I love truth coffee its my favourite coffee heaven in our country. So all i want to say is: Pick MEEE!
    I would love it and it would be the highlight of the most stressful year of my life.

  67. Rebekah says:

    I adore coffee and trying different coffee’s from all over the world. I am getting married in November to a Canadian and both of us have considered doing a barista course together to start our marriage off the right way! We would love to learn and appreciate the art of coffee making in a more educated and enjoyable way!

  68. Elizabeth says:

    What an awesome opportunity to learn more! Can’t wait for the prize to be mine! 🙂 hehehe but seriously I would love to learn how to pour my own beauty.

  69. Steven J says:

    Because making my own Truth Coffee will make a better person towards other people earlier in the morning…

  70. LG Efron says:

    Everyone who knows me knows that they shouldn’t talk to me before my first cup of coffee of the day. And if they want me to be nice, they’ll wait until my second cup.
    I love coffee in a way that might be illegal in some places, but I just can’t make it like they do at the coffee shops – you know, with the swirly things in the foam. So, yeah, I want to do that.

  71. Kia says:

    Would love to win this! My husband loves making us coffee in the morning – would be great to make it the way the professionals do!

  72. Annemarie Fick says:

    Life is too short for bad coffee and cheap chocolate – a motto I live by (or at least use as an excuse to avoid the taste of burnt coffee and factory chocolate). But the real reason I would love to win this prize – my husbands’ love for coffee, but lack of love for making it. (-; Treating him to a good cuppa in the morning brings me great joy!

  73. kyla theart says:

    Have never experience Truth coffee – What a great opportunity to get my friends and I on the Truth Train 🙂

  74. Carol Rudling says:

    Aside from being a huge Truth Coffee fan…Who better to learn the art of baristing from than the worlds number one coffee roasters! I’d love to share the chance with friends to learn the history, coffee facts, roasting & pouring the perfect coffee to grow & educate our appreciation of the liquid black gold that is coffee. And of course wow family & friends with our new found expertise.

  75. Jimmy says:

    This would be a perfect gift, especially as I need to educate my barbaric friends as to what proper coffee is!

  76. Katherine Johnston says:

    Every parent of small children needs to learn how to make a perfect cup of coffee – it should be mandatory preparation prior to each child’s arrival 😉

  77. Bianca Roux says:

    This would be an absolutely amazing opportunity!! I own a guesthouse in CT and I would love to make awesome coffee art for my guests! I adore Truth Coffee and would be honoured to learn the ins and outs of the coffee industry, techniques and tips on coffee making & art. Not only that, but it will be SOOO fun! Coffee = Love 😛 🙂

  78. Haylee says:

    This is a DREAM opportunity! I have a machine at home but milk frothing and art remain a mystery to me. I have always wanted to learn, this would be amazing!

  79. Jaryd Mostert says:

    Coffee is my life!!! I am 20 years old and I have started to appreciate good coffee. I cannot even stomach instant coffee anymore. Sadly espresso machines are not in my price range right now but I do have my own been grinder and french press. I find with a french press you can taste more subtle flavors in coffee that you wont get in other brewing methods.

  80. Tiara DeWitt says:

    #TruthCoffee As an avid coffee lover and loving the looks and sighs of contentment on others faces when I’ve prepared a really great cup a java, This course IS for me! Thankyou for the opportunity of entering this amazing opportunity to win this course and then still get it in comfort! You see? I’m a person with a chronic condition of which there is NO AWARENESS IN SOUTH AFRICA! I plan to change this statistic and help my fellow man! I am raising funds as the treatment and cure is only accessible from overseas and it’s life saving as this condition is seeing more people dying from related illnesses than hiv and tb. I pray to be on the meds before year end and to win this opportunity would be nothing short of a blessing to keep me occupied with something I have SO much passion for, will be incredible. I will use it to its fullest potential, be able to teach others and spend time with those that share my passion. What an amazing 3 month treatment period I’d have, we’re I to win. Blessings

  81. Rudolph says:

    After watching Barista (2015) documentary, I see the entire process of serving coffee from a new perspective. Would love to learn how to make the perfect cup!

  82. Rudy Nadler-Nir says:

    In his book “Thud!”, Terry Pratchett said: “Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your older self.” Coffee is the single best link to my selves (younger and older) and, at almost 60, I feel it’s time to enter the hallowed grounds of Baristadom.. hallelujah!

  83. Hester Pretorius says:

    My daughter worked part time at a Coffee roasters shop, she enjoyed it so much and are were always talking about it, it sounds so good that I I would love to try and do this too.

  84. Monique says:

    I would love to win this for me and my dad as we absolutely love coffee and bond over coffee. On weekends we try out different coffee spots, so coffee has become a huge bonding experience for us both! Winning this will just be awesome and an amazing experience as he has always wished to attend a Barista course! Please please please pick us!!

  85. Nici says:

    Would love to win this course to be able to learn more about the art of coffee and how to make the perfect cup!

  86. Christine says:

    Oooh my birthday is coming soon and I just love love luuurrvvveee coffee hmmm the smell alone is heaven. Would be awesome to be like Oprah at my next social gathering. You get a fancy latte, YOU get a fancy latte, EVERYONE GETS A FANCY LATTE.

  87. Wezley says:

    Although I very much enjoy a cup of coffee on my own, with a book and a beautiful nature setting, I also enjoy having it with good company. Having coffee with the people you love will give you the opportunity to communicate more and strengthen your bonds with them. Even if you don’t have time to see them often, getting together for a cup of coffee every once in a while will help you catch up with their latest news. It takes me to another peaceful and calmer world, away from this world’s traffic and noise, I feel happier and full of joy to actually have the chance to take a break and appreciate the serene and harmonious settings associated with drinking coffee. Definitely get all of the above out of just a cup of TRUTH coffee…

  88. I would love to complete your barista course! I love truth coffee and would love to learn more about how to make proper coffee to impress my friends!

  89. Stacey says:

    I would love to win this prize to learn and help my friends learn about GREAT coffee and not just choosing great coffee to drink but to make the perfect cup!

  90. Lee-Zanne Ackerman says:

    I’d love to get to know the finer details around serving that perfect cuppa!

  91. Greg best says:

    So my first bag was just delivered from CApe Town! Absolutely amazing! I need to learn how to make it properly though, and treat my friends to the same experience too

  92. Tracey Coetzee says:

    I would love to win this and gift it to my son for his birthday in September. He is a coffee fanatic and knows his stuff. He would just LOOOOVE to do this course. PLEASE let me win.

  93. Nicky de Jager says:

    Coffee.. Hmmm.. The Truth ;).. I love it.. I love making it.. And I will definitely love to win this experience!!

  94. We live in Hermanus and every morning after we drop our toddler at school we go to a different coffee shop for a flat white. It has been my mission to find a super lekker cup of perfection, but so far Woolworths is the best we got this side 🙁 …. So we are in the process of opening our own coffee shop (focusing on Amazing coffee – most likely TRuTH coffee as main supplier) BUT we would love to make the coffee ourselves and YOUR price of a Barrista course would surely come in handy, cause those bad boy machines dont come cheap… At least this way we will know what we are doing and make proper coffee from the Get Go!! 😉

  95. David Muller says:

    I love coffee and really want to learn how to up my coffee game, this would be brilliant

  96. Candice says:

    My husband makes me freshly brewed coffee in bed every morning and he is utterly obsessed, and currently self taught, on using our Bean to cup machine selecting beans and putting hearts in my coffee every morning. I would LOVE to be able to surprise him with a course that he would go nuts to do x

  97. Derek Patrick says:

    my absolute favorite is a flat white from Chardonay Deli, truth coffee made to perfection. Truth rocks

  98. Sammy Swiegers says:

    Coffee is an essential ingredient in the recipe of my soul. The finer the ingredient, the better the dish. Learning to produce the finest will lead to a better ME…

  99. TJ says:

    Coffee is everything! And yours is simply the best.

  100. Nerine says:

    What an amazing prize! I love learning new skills and I have such a big coffee tooth :p . As a student having learnt the skills needed to become a barista, it would really open so many doors for part-time work etc. Plus, sounds super fun!

  101. Tunet says:

    I am a huge lover of coffee!!! Please please please with a cherry and cream on top 🙂
    Cape Town is the city that changed my opinion about coffee. I went from drinking instant coffee to enjoying the deep and flavourful aromas that various coffees and styles of coffees have to offer.

  102. Brian Lindner says:

    I love coffee, and love Truth coffee. Being able to make coffee at home as amazing as you guys make it would be spectacular. that’s why I deserve to win

  103. Lizèl says:

    I stand for truth! Where else will you learn about the true art of coffee making than from Truth?! Will be a privilege to share the Truth wherever I go!

  104. Samantha Grobbelaar says:

    OH yes please! My day does not start without a cuppa and what better way to start my day than with a cup of truth coffee. I would be in sch heaven. How exciting is this?!

  105. Jason Gillman says:

    Would love to be able to up my skills!!! Yes please!

  106. David Robertson says:

    My favourite coffee joint ‘giving back’… this is awesome! <3

  107. Wena Bartie says:

    I would love to win this for my husband. We both love coffee. When we open our eyes in the morning, the first thing we do is to make coffee.

  108. Sanet says:

    Good coffee, good friends and a lot of magic!!! Brew to perfection!!

  109. J S says:

    My wife, myself, and my entire extended family are all avid coffee drinkers… Truth is one of our favourite spots in the Cape, and to have the opportunity to learn more about coffee and how to make it would be such a fantastic opportunity.

  110. Janine says:

    I need this ???

  111. Juliane says:

    I worked in a tea company, where it was forbidden to drink coffee (or there was no device for making it), can you believe it! In recent years I grew to really like coffee and now I drink coffee every day. I even bought a little coffee grinder recently to get a better taste from freshly ground coffee beans. I do know a lot about tea through my past employment, I would LOVE to know equally much about a good cup of coffee to spread my coffee-knowledge – rather than the tea one.

  112. Lisa says:

    I know one or two people who don’t drink coffee and trust me they should! So many reasons to love coffee, it has proved to increase your memory – ok so that is not the only reason I drink coffee, but I love it too…..my day begins with coffee and ends with coffee. So I really need to win this so I can learn how to make excellent coffee and make those beautiful designs with the milk – will def brighten my days, now that the truth! #truthcoffee #coffeecoholic #lovecoffee

  113. Nasreen says:

    I used to think a cup of coffee is just that…coffee…something that is going to wake me up and help me get my day started before a hectic morning trying to get kids to school and frantically driving to get to work on time, but it’s more than that, from americano to cappacino to espresso. Coffee beans with specific aromas and tastes that I can only imagine. The ability to make more than a simple cup of coffee. To learn the art of brewing that simple coffee into something amazing that was unknown to me all along, would be a dream!!! And a reality when I wake up in the morning if you would choose me :).

  114. 119 says:

    Just love my coffee❤️❤️ And if I could become a coffee barista and use my coffee machine and beans to its limitis, life would be heavenly.?

  115. Meghan says:

    What an awesome way to experience what you guys love doing and what I love drinking 🙂 mmmmmmmcoffee

  116. Dominique says:

    I am a coffee lover and these days I think I am a coffee snob!! And would to learn about the art of making good coffee and be creative !!

  117. Emce says:

    Love the Cape Town coffee scene and all things coffee. Would be the experience of a lifetime!

  118. Michele says:

    We love a really good coffee in our house and we have an esspresso machine but we havent quite got the art making the perfect cup yet.It is not that easy and we really need lessons in all round coffee making ie choosing the right beans, the right strength and temperature etc.Truth Coffee,please choose us ☕️

  119. Desiree Hutcheon says:

    This would be the best day out with my friends who are as enthusiastic about coffee as I am, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick us!

  120. Riaz says:

    What an awesome prize, with the best coffee in the world!!! Would love to learn how to make different varieties. This would be an amazing experience and a wonderful way to impress guests 🙂

  121. Simon says:

    I’ve always envied baristas with their latte art and wanted to know the secrets to creating the perfect cup of coffee subtly customised to suit my palate and those around me! I find it hard to survive the day without my cuppa joe, but as a full time student I can’t afford to get the perfect fix every day 🙁 This course would go a long way to helping me manipulate and fully appreciate the nuances of amazing coffee!

  122. Hazel says:

    I would love to do this course – I need figure out the right temperature for the perfect flavor! My friends are very serious about their coffee, and would LOVE to join me, though one has atrocious taste and needs to seriously be re-educated. 🙂

  123. Ruth Venter says:

    Hubby and I are coffee fanatics and we have wanted to visit Truth for a couple months now. This is the perfect opportunity!

  124. Gert says:

    Coffee is life. We always like to go the extra mile to go find that awesome cup of rich flavorsome cappucino. This prize will equip us to do it in our own kitchen!

  125. Jessika says:

    What a cool prize!!!! Please pick me 😛

  126. I would like to become a true ambassador for coffee by learning the Truth!

  127. Kirsten Smith says:

    What more do you need when you can have your own freshly brewed cup of Truth coffee in your own home. Talk about getting your day off to a ‘brewtiful’ start 😉

  128. Cheryl Thorburn says:

    My husband, Grant, would just love to learn how to perfect the art of producing a fine cup of coffee!

  129. Claire says:

    I have a toddler who asks baristas if they’re grinding fresh coffee…if that gives you an idea of our love for coffee (and no, toddler doesn’t get coffee!).

  130. Tracey Robertson says:

    After years of frequenting amazing coffee shops and often talking about one day getting a ‘proper’ coffee machine, my dear husband bought me a fabulous Rancilio coffee machine for my birthday this year… I love it! But, NOTHING makes me more frustrated than when I make a bad coffee with it!! My husband has had more success than me (grrr) and is currently experimenting with foam art while I am still trying to perfect my crema… Oh how I long to make the perfect coffee! I’ve looked at this course online and day dreamed about doing it, so to win it with the added company of great friends would be sensational!! Please consider me.

  131. Fierdoz says:

    I love good coffee …. being able to make it would be awesome

  132. Lizann says:

    Coffee lovers love the aroma of coffee especially in the morning because coffee has a way to brighten moods. If you are a serious drinker you would know what it means to live a day without coffee. We’d rather pay our last dollar for a cup of coffee than to eat…ah…a hamburger.

    Another thing about coffee is the community. Coffee drinkers have something in common when we walk into a coffee shop. We are all anticipating for that ultimate cup as we stay in line for our names to be called. .

  133. Marie-Lize Coetzee says:

    Coffee is my ultimate passion!! Nothing beats an excellent cup of coffee. What more can a coffee lover like me want than to learn from the best baristas in Cape Town. Would love to win this and bless my friends with a special cup op coffee.

  134. My girlfriend would absolutely love this! Fingers crossed 🙂

  135. Aaron Kahn says:

    Listen, I’ve always considered myself a coffee connoisseur, my dream is to go to South America with my buddy and go spend a few months on a coffee farm, once I am in a position to do so. Being a part of this course would make me the happiest coffee addict in Cape Town, I really don’t see how you could find anyone else that would appreciate winning this more than I would!

  136. Craig Haley says:

    What an amazing prize! I have a small espresso machine at home and have learnt to make good coffee… but I still have a lot to learn, and would love to know how to make great coffee even with my small machine.

  137. Nicola says:

    I can’t go a day without good coffee. And honestly I love truth coffee so much. My current SO took me on a date to Truth and thats where I fell in love. Now every time I taste that coffee I remember that feeling.

  138. Nicola says:

    I recently purchased a new coffee machine and would love to learnt to make the perfect flat white with a bit of an artistic touch! So far I’ve managed to make a decent one but the art part is dismal.

  139. Lidene Truter says:

    Life is to short for 3 things. Bad coffee, bad wine and 1ply toilet paper. That’s why I believe you should always spend money and time on those 3 and make sure that it is the absolute best cup of coffee every single time!!!!!!!

  140. Paul says:

    I’ve always wanted to be able to make latte art!

  141. Hugo says:

    I don’t only want this… I NEED it!!!

  142. Renae says:

    Coffee, Cape Town, good friends and pugs…what more could you need 🙂

  143. Jana says:

    Well, where do I start? I would love to learn how to make proper coffee and make it look good. I’m still stuck on the “ricoffy” making because my skills are very limited! This will also give me an actual “party trick”!

  144. Eric says:

    Truth….a shared, steam powered C8H10N4O2 infused beverage skilfully brewed and beautifully presented.

  145. Francois says:

    Free handmade cappuccino’s (by me of course) all around if I win… and free floppucino’s if I don’t!

  146. Muhammad says:

    Caffeine is the worlds most used psychoactive drug – and with good reason. Its just pure AWESOMENESS!!! Coffee is the fuel of the modern world, so by learning to make a perfect cup I can get working smarter and faster. I can also impress my friends with my fantastic skills thus building a better relationship over a cup of joe. And that my friend it the TRUTH!

  147. Joyce says:

    I dream of four people: Black, Coloured, Indian, White, enjoying a Barista course together. Coffee celebrates our rainbow nation.♡♡♡♡♡

  148. Joyce says:

    I dream of four friends doing the Barista course together: Indian, Black, Coloured, White is a winning team! Coffee celebrating our wonderful Rainbow nation.♡♡♡♡♡

  149. Melanie Jenkins says:

    Sounds bloody marvellous! Am such a coffee snob!

  150. nathan says:

    have the equipment, the coffee and the desire, just need to refine my humble skills!

  151. Seagram says:

    I’d rank being able to make great coffee higher than being able to do most things in life. So why would I want to do this? Well, my life depends on it. 🙂

  152. Abdallah says:

    With on average 3 cups of coffee a day, I still can’t pout Latte art! I’m very eager to learn from a professional and get this right!

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