Limited Edition Colombia Sweet Valley

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TASTE  Blueberry, Candyfloss, Rasberry, White Chocolate
ORIGIN Colombia. Café Granja La Esperanza
FARMER Don Alejandro Rodriguez
VARIETAL Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
PROCESS Natural Process
ALTITUDE 1400m-1860m
SCA SCORE 86 Points



 The London Coffee Festival is just one of nine Coffee Festivals around the world. The best part about them are the Coffee Master Competitions - where, creator of Truth Coffee, David Donde has been judging for years. His latest venture to London surrounded him with some of the world's most interesting coffees. One of the six coffees used in this competition had really excited him. Judged by David, Ratislav Kasar from Slovakia chose this coffee as part of his final round where he took the title of Coffee Masters Champion 2022.



The history of La Esperanza is deeply intertwined with the story of the Rodriguez family, who have nurtured and cultivated it for generations. Led by Don Alejandro Rodriguez, they started the farm as a modest plot dedicated to subsistence farming. Over the years, their unwavering commitment to excellence and high-quality crops became La Esperanza's trademark. Guided by Don Alejandro's wisdom, his sons and daughters played integral roles in the farm's growth. They worked tirelessly to refine farming techniques and enhance produce quality. Their efforts garnered recognition for La Esperanza, especially its prized coffee beans known for their unique flavors and meticulous cultivation. The farm is a symbol of sustainable agriculture, producing exceptional crops enjoyed worldwide. Their values of quality, sustainability, and community remain at the core of La Esperanza, ensuring their remarkable story continues with every harvest.



It is widely known that green coffee doesn't smell like much because you need to roast it to activate the volatiles, which create the aroma we all love. But this coffee...

There was silence when the hessian bag was opened. Immediately the air was filled with the smell of sweet, fermented red fruits and in that moment, we knew, this was going be something great!

With this coffee we advocate for an Abid Clever Dripper with no additives - do not even look at that carton of milk! The intense, juicy but well-rounded acidity that resonates from the fermentation during the natural process is delicious. Adding milk dulls the experience. But hey, who are we to stop you through a harshly worded note. Making it in a filter method allows the nuanced flavours of the coffee to shine. Bringing in a steeped method, like your French press, allows the coffee to be bolder with body and balance out those amazing flavors. These are very forgiving brewing methods. Be cautious with your espresso. This coffee has a small margin for error with this type of extraction, so your dialing game has to be on point. By now you should be able to tell that we are so excited about this coffee, and we hope you are too!

To curiosity and great coffee!