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Professional Barista Course (5 days) 
Coffee Facts – History, origin, theory and interesting facts about every aspect of the coffee business, including growing, harvesting, roasting, production, preparation, and sales & after-sales. 
Roasting Theory – Understanding different bean profiles. 
Cupping – The professional method of tasting coffee with different origins and characteristics, before blending and brewing preparation. 
Equipment Introduction – An in-depth discussion on all the equipment a barista uses, including the toolkit (barista kit), espresso machine and bean grinder. 
Milk Preparation – Learn the key techniques to preparing micro-textured milk, applicable to every espresso-based drink. 
Presentation – Learn the importance of presentation standards when preparing your coffee including latte art demonstration. “Great presentation equals great coffee”. 
Drink recipes – A comprehensive guide to preparing all the espresso-based drinks on a typical barista menu. 
Practical - On the final day of the course, there will be a written theory test and a practical presentation which will be graded by the trainer's Certification will be provided should the assessment be passed with 85% or more.

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