A Poem About Coffee

by Lee Venter - Coffee Guru, Truth Barista School

Seraph discharges and disfigures her with his flame,
She cracks,
Azrael's blades gyrate with form and turn her remains to dust,
God himself convulses until she conceals with her reality
She lays tranquil yet her essence is ever alive,
She is impaled and pressed between the plates of the earth,
Beauty is hidden in stone,
The rapids carry her corpse over the edge,
Gliding oh so gracefully to meet Hades gates,
Squeezed at the river mouth,
It is here that she is arrested by splendour,
She is the rainbow,
She drops her petals and tangles herself into our senses like ecstasy,
Her story whispers death is merely the gateway to Nirvana.