The Coal Train - Black Friday

Activated-charcoal lattes. Cue the cascade of barefoot, quinoa-coated, detoxified declarations. Truth is, we aren't much interested in the fads that turn your lunch one shade of purple or suggest you can lubricate your bicycle chain, fry your eggs and look ten years younger all via a singular extortionately-priced pot. 
The health benefits of charcoal are disputed. We've been blitzed with the same list as you likely have seen: charcoal helps you detox, it filters out toxins, doubles as an emergency treatment for poisoning or drug overdoses, it whitens your teeth and removes gas build-up in your gut.
Well, truthfully your kidneys and liver are decent toxin filters. If you have recently overdosed or been mortally poisoned order an ambulance not a coffee (at the very most a takeaway). If you're going to such extreme lengths to whiten your teeth you've probably already given up on coffee. Oh, and just let it out. 
Myths aside, there are two reasons we have added the 'Coal Train' to our menu and the first is our universal guiding light. FLAVOUR. When the ratio is correct the coffee continues to shine through. The charcoal enhances the body for a fuller mouth-feel. Your palate is left with a slightly earthier lingering after-taste. The difference is subtle but it's there, creating an interesting new flavour profile without jeopardising the presence of Resurrection. Plus, it makes the coffee black. Black and white flat-whites? That's just cool. And it's Black Friday...what better day to launch?
Order one for flavour, not for trend. Hop on-board the Coal Train, but don’t get your signals crossed. 
Join us for half-price Coal Trains only on Black Friday 24|11|2017.