TRUTH. After Dark

Late-night dessert fine dining

It was a dark and stormy night … Or perhaps it wasn’t, but it was a night ripe with romance and intrigue; a night resonating with the promise of magic and mystery after a cozy dinner date, a stirring curtain call, a thrilling picture show ...

And yet, there was nowhere to go, no Third Act, nary a warm glow in window front inviting refuge; promising good company, fine conversation, rich confectionary…

TRUTH. After Dark has re-written the ending of this story in the Mother City once (upon a time) and for all, setting the stage for late-night dessert dining with a hint of the theatrical, directed by our Paris-born, Michelin star-forged master pastry chef:

“I’m bringing an experience to the plate. It’s going to be intriguing.” — Kamal Hamzaoui.

Join us Tuesdays to Saturdays between 6 pm and midnight for a selection of exquisite, luxury desserts—the perfect compliment to our world-famous coffee, and a toast to your impeccable taste for the best that Cape Town has to offer when the lights go dim.