Relativity Blend Coffee Capsules - Refill (30 Caps)

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100% Compostable, Relativity Blend Coffee Capsules

At Truth Coffee Roasting, there is no compromise when it comes to quality, and this holds true when it comes to our new exciting coffee capsules offering. In collaboration with 4WKS, our new Nespresso® Compatible Relativity Blend Caps can be enjoyed anywhere, any time. No mess, no fuss.

Our new coffee refill pouch is now fully compostable! Designed to keep your coffee pods fresh and to refill your jar. It's always a way to keep your waste out of landfill and to shift the system. Once opened, refill your jar with pods. Then refill your pouch with used coffee pods, zip it up and drop it off for composting at our HQ in Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, or compost the pouch yourself in your compost heap at home.

A classic coffee profile to suit everyone at any time of day. This coffee has a bolder taste profile with great balance and flavours of milk chocolate and walnuts.

  • Nespresso®-Compatible
  • 30 Caps, freshly-roasted. Best experienced within 4WKS of roast date
  • Certified 100% industrially compostable
  • Made from a plant-based bio-material, with a vegetable fibre lid and branded with an edible ink stamp
  • Zero plastic or aluminium